Sunday, March 13, 2005

Last day!

Last friday is the last day at ho dao college ~~it was a very happy day and we have taken over 100 photos -very horrible !! in this school , i would like to thank my chinese history teacher-mr. choi.I believe he is one of the best teacher in the world so i will work hard in this subjet!Also , i would like to say thank you to miss kwan , thanks for her paitent in teaching me !
Ok !Let's talk about my friends .i have many good friends in this class .for example,congee,leelee,lala ,anna,yung,siu,miu,rita,yam,angus,kaka,eddie,wang,tony...................(too many la so i cannot write all ) i would like to talk about rita because i am very afraid of her before(when i am in f.6) because i always think that she is a very quiet ,serious lady . but now i know that she is not.she can play with some crazy lady like me congee, lala, anna...yeah!!
actullay , there is an advantage to leave ho dao college because nobody will "play" me at recess and nobody will say that i am a man ~~~~~~


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